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Ground Wellness Pendant

Ground Wellness Pendant

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The Ground emphasizes the lower chakras for focus and energy.

What are they? - A technological breakthrough from Asia that have the ability to help balance the energy meridians of the body. They are embedded with frequencies that stimulate the biofields of the body.

What happens when someone wears a Wellness Pendant? - They feel better. They have more energy and focus. With the Flow, people report better sleep and lucid dreams.

Is there scientific proof that they work? - Not that we know of. The process by which they are made is proprietary. Guys Coggins invented an aura camera and we have included some "before and after" pictures taken with his camera. The pendants are obviously doing something significant.  Millions have been sold in Asia.

How can I know it will work for me? - We've sold thousands and offer our customers a six month guarantee. We  have a 1 % return rate. Many of our customers send us amazing testimonials, some of which are included as you scroll down.

What's the difference between Ground and Flow? - The Ground emphasizes the lower chakras for focus and energy and the Flow emphasizes the higher chakras for inspiration, meditation, and more lucid dreams.

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